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{Compend-AI-M} 2022

Type: Still, Biogenerative

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Art by Agoria - {Compend-AI-M} 2022

I look for the immanence of the living into the code, especially in the {Compend-AI} series. The difficult part was to capture a human generative process that couldn’t be questioned. For a year I traveled capturing human gesture repetitions, in order to build my own precise database. It has been a long and exciting walk where the poster maker appears as evidence. I followed them a lot and I captured all remnants on the walls everywhere in the world, my DJ tour helped a lot here! It’s one of the most incredible human generative processes. First, it questions the culture we are constantly sold, close to Jacques Villegle or Raymond Heins works. Second, the remnants on the walls are the perfect results of the equation. The perfect iterations of our Biological Generative life. Once I've built the most personal dataset, the second part was to look for patterns or similarities with the Living. My friend Johan Lescure has then been essential here. We tricked the algorithms to reveal what the eye couldn't see inside those data materials. Insanely, we are revealing forms and patterns really close to the living.

Credit: In collaboration with Johan Lescure

Format: 10240x12800 HD file available on demand (140mo)

Edition of 5

PRICE: 200 XTZ per edition



Conveying Opulence

Type: Generative, fxhash collection

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Art by Aleksandra Jovanić - Conveying Opulence

"and my dreams are composed either by my mind or by chance" - Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities, 1972

Take a simple algorithm, arrange basic geometric units by chance, take half of that composition and mirror it, and repeat it again and again until opulence is conveyed.

Edition of 256

PRICE: 20 XTZ per edition



Acid Spectrogram

Type: Video, MP4

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“Acid Spectrogram” is the first composition from the series titled “Ego death on the dance floor”.

It’s difficult to describe how I feel when I move to music. To dance with reckless abandon, to turn off my mind and to set my unconscious free, allowing thoughts to untangle in rhythm to the motion of my body. This series celebrates the power of dissolving the ego through altered states of consciousness.

The artwork is generated from a visual system built in Vuo, using frequency data to drive the animation while synchronously manipulating parameters and effects via MIDI sliders on a controller.

MP4 · 1920x1080px · 60fps · 00’40”

Edition of 10

PRICE: 30 XTZ per edition



Simple Joys of Life (2022)

Type: Generative


Art by Aleksandra Jovanić - Conveying Opulence

Sometimes you don’t have to worry about colouring within the lines. Let go, colour all over the page if you have to. Don’t box yourself in. This is one of the many simple joys of life.

Made with p5js

Edition of 10

PRICE: 50 XTZ per edition



Once upon a flower A-0X01

Type: GAN, MP4

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Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live in a world where all the plants and flowers have disappeared, and all we have left is mere simulations of what once was?

Edition of 5

PRICE: 150 XTZ per edition


Composition #82 Black & Composition #82 Green

Type: Plotter, Generative

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Art by Marcel Schwittlick - Composition #82 Art by Marcel Schwittlick - Composition #82

Black BIC cristal ballpoint pen 190gsm Hahnemühle paper 60x60cm / 23.6x23.6in (unframed) Plotted with a Roland DG DPX3300 October 2022

Green BIC cristal ballpoint pen 190gsm Hahnemühle paper 60x60cm / 23.6x23.6in (unframed) Plotted with a Roland DG DPX3300 October 2022

Both works come with a physical plotter framed print signed by the artist.

Each artwork is a 1/1

RESERVE: 500 XTZ / 24 hour auction

Composition #82 Black

Composition #82 Green


Pop DefCol

Type: Generative

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Art by Marius Watz - Pop DefCol 02-0031C-04

Pop DefCol is an experiment in optical maximalism, surreal snapshots of organic sculptural forms that combine 3D rendering with false color post-processing to go beyond simple photorealism. The series investigates a set of strange geometries, sometimes smooth, sometimes torn and glitchy. Using a custom software to deform and warp the triangle meshes commonly used in 3D modeling, Watz is playing with our established expectations that computer graphics should strive to emulate natural forms.

2022, 3780x6720px PNG

This artwork is a 1/1

RESERVE: 100 XTZ / 24 hour auction



Lost Wallets

Type: Generative, fxhash collection

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Art by Murat Atimtay - Lost Wallets

"Lost Wallets' is a visual wallet generator which uses a cellulator automata algorithm to encrypt and visualize mnemonics words choosen from the bip39 dictionary. The circular pattern is an encrypted visual representation of seed phrases that create a unique crypto wallet. Each of these patterns can be reversed back to the seed phrases by reversing the rules used in encryption.

When i was as a kid, it was fascinating to code to send encrypted messages between friends even though algorithm was very simple. Encryption was something which always fascinated me. It inspired me to create something which uses cryptography to create visual outputs in order to create true 'crypto-art. Rather than purely relying on text and numbers I wanted to paint those 1s and 0s with color and shapes.

As "crypto-art' became the definition of digital art signed by the blockchain, I think crypto-art is an artform which is created by cryptography algorithms, which paved the way to the creation of this piece.

Under the Hood:

The algorithm picks 8 to 15 non repeating words from bip39 dictionary (a special dictionary for wallet generation). Then it converts each word into binary array (Ones and zeros) to feed the initial sequence of celluar automata algorithm. In this piece, i have used radial placement to display the bits created by the cellular automata algorithm; which i think creates some interesting visuals combined with perlin noise distortion, resembling cellular forms seen under microscope.

As the words are chosen from bip39 dictionary, each image represents a tezos wallet which has a wallet address and can be imported to 'Temple Wallet' using the private key, which i think of airdropping some random nfts in the future to those wallets just for experimentation.

Created with code p5.js

Edition of 260

Price: 16 XTZ per edition



The Artist is Present

Type: Performance Art

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Event poster of Oona - The Artist is Present

Take a womxn. Put her in a box.
Wrap it in something real nice.
OONA performs
PS: Smile! You’re on camera.

It’s OONA’s First Birthday : Why OONA is the Present
I’ve turned one year old! OONA was born on 11.01.21 at NFT.NYC and is so excited to be throwing herself a birthday party during NFT LND. So glad you can join us for this performance art party!

It’s A Womxn: Why is OONA boxed in?
When it comes to price paid for artwork, the artists gender is more important than the artwork they produce! That is why the highest volume sales of Art NFTs have gone to men.

But OONA’s Box is nice! : Why OONA is THE Present
In web3.0 an artist’s identity (public image/popularity) is more important than their artwork. Their public perception is the real thing of value. If their identity gets tarnished or fades out of the spotlight, so does their floor price.
If their identity grows, the value of their work increases!
So, if OONA is the artist, then she must also be THE Present.

It’s Just Looking! : Why OONA Turns Herself into a CCTV Camera
During this performance, OONA only performs visual surveillance. In accordance with the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice by the UK Home Office.*
If it’s just looking it can’t hurt anyone, right???
P.S: The lack of audio recording is a common gripe feminists have with video surveillance, it does little to stop verbal harassment. & Video surveillance can even be seen as an extension of the male gaze.

It’s Web3.0 Performance Art: What is OONA doing?
Is it more than just a shitty play off of the most iconic performance art piece of our times (The Artist is Present by Marina Abramović)? Prolly not! (Abramović did 8 days straight and OONA is only doing 3. But in nft industry, 3 days is like 2 weeks right??)
OONA would say web3.0 likes to pretend it is in its own little box, its own gift for the world waiting to be treasured by all. When web3.0 realizes its nothing new, its just iterations of ideas that have been around for a while then the real onboarding will begin.
Oh and, performance art belongs on the blockchain.



Type: Live Audiovisual Performance

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Image of Portrait XO

Recently premiered at SXSW, ADE, and festivals around US + Europe – Portrait XO performs ‘WIRE’ - AI generated audiovisuals featuring her latest research in creative AI. As part of her artist residency at Factory Berlin x Sonar+D completed in 2020, she collaborated with Dadabots to train 1 hour of her singing vocals with a custom SampleRNN model. From the 10 hours of new audio that was generated by machine learning, the process of experiments in songwriting and producing gave birth to a new process they call ‘neural vocal duet’. The performance will be a journey of how Portrait XO co-wrote lyrics and melodies with her other AI generated self, supported by a production she made to support the glitchy and morphing sounds. Visually, we are immersed in her experiments combining different AI models to use sounds and text-to-image CLIP guided VQGAN to manipulate latent space.


What does it mean to be human in a data driven society as individuals and as collectives? While our physical and digital identities can be easily altered and are getting more blurred, there is one very unique trait that is under celebrated – our voice. The most unique instrument we are born with is our voice – our sonic identity. Not everyone gets to speak their minds freely and feel heard. And we remember how people make us feel from the way they speak. This is an interactive collective voice identity piece that captures our identities altered by our voices. The visuals react constantly to the sounds of everyone’s vowels in the room to celebrate our collective voices. Voice over data. Voice over identity. Everyone can live mint and NFT their collective voice ID as a digital collectible.


In Between Storms

Type: Video / GAN

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Once, when I was a child, I was standing in a town centre during their Spring Festival, staring up at the blue sky with cherry blossom petals raining down on me. A huge spring thunder storm came through in a flash, pelting hail and rain on those trees, passing as quickly as it came. It left the air fresh and new, the ground was a sea of pink and white. I wanted to re-create this childhood experience as a metaphor for those times in life when you feel like you are jumping in between the storms, that there is beauty in the storm. I created dataset of photographs documenting the process of wet-felting using the colours that I felt that day, plus photography of cloudy blue skies, was trained to make this animated GAN artwork.

Edition of 20

PRICE: 20 XTZ per edition



Chroma Void

Type: GLB, VR, MP4

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Art by Sam J - Chroma Void

Chroma Void stands to connect to the deep appreciations we have for pure aestheticism. Often in the contemporary art world one can fawn over descriptions of artworks and the meaning each brushstroke has through the lens of diluted academia. Appreciating art for purely aesthetics has become a form of taboo, and it is clear that the art world has this tug of war. Through the use of technology in the realm of VR, we are able to indulge in the glamor of couture fashion presented within the context of high art. One can appreciate the technological advancements of Chroma Void as a parallel to the brushstrokes with a deeper meaning mentioned before, yet stand presented with a subject matter that is traditionally understood as vain, shallow, and lacking the intellect that the contemporary art world is so fond of.

Edition of 20

PRICE: 50 XTZ per edition



REPETAE: Untitled

Type: AI, Poetry

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Generative repetition of “Untitled,” a poem co-authored by Sasha Stiles and her AI alter ego, Technelegy – a custom text generator fine-tuned on Stiles’ writing and reference materials. From her ongoing visual poetry series #REPETAE.

Edition of 10

PRICE: 75 XTZ per edition




Type: Still, Generative

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Art by Tyler Boswell - Tyler Boswell

Thousands of cuboids rotated around points in space crash and blend into one another, resulting in a flourish of colors and deconstruction.

Edition of 15

PRICE: 50 XTZ per edition




Type: Generative, fxhash collection

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Art by Yazid - Constellations

We look at things that are seemingly random and can't help but form relationships between them. People from many different nations and cultures have looked up to the skies and perceived patterns, objects, mythical creatures from scattered stars.

This work, initially titled 'Chaos', began as a study for my project 'Gestalt' to explore the idea of algorithmically working with a foundation of random points and connecting points and curves in interesting ways. Almost by accident I discovered a "bug" which ended up creating outputs resembling scenes from some otherworldly cosmos. While it produced some visually interesting outputs, only a portion of the algorithm was used for 'Gestalt' then. It has now been further refined for 'Constellations' with new behaviors such as highlighting intersections between different elements, giving visual emphasis to those that interact with each other more.

What emerges from these interactions?

Edition of 50

DUTCH AUCTION: 500 -> 320 -> 230 -> 180 -> 150 XTZ (every 5 minutes)